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, los angeles >> couric: meanwhile, in west virginia, hope is turning to despair. the fate of four missing miners remains uncertain tonight as once again dangerous conditions inside the mine forced rescue teams to turn back. national correspondent jim axelrod is in montcoal, west virginia. jim, it's been more than four days since this explosion. where does the rescue operation stand now? >> reporter: katie, for the third time in two days rescue teams are back inside the mine, although it is clear to say with every passing hour chances grow slimmer for a miracle in west virginia. the funerals started today in west virginia. 61-year-old benny willingham was among the first laid to rest. his army buddies flew here from california to say good-bye. they used to ask their pal about his dangerous job. >> he said "it is what it is, i've got to take care of the family." he knew what the possibilities could be. >> reporter: the remaining glimmer of hope continued to fade this afternoon after more frustration for rescue crews. at 12:45 this morning, two teams with eight workers each had enter
in virginia. he has called of course within the last 24 hours for an investigation and a report to be on his desk by next week on the mine safety situation nationally. he wants to know what has been done, where are the violations, and what steps can be taken? also, of course, the senators from west virginia, senator byrd, senator rockefeller similarly calling for an investigation. hearings are already going to be held. we've heard a lot of criticism of the massey energy company. the president is now coming out of the oval office. on airforce one from prague he was first notified of the letter today from justice john paul stevens, the longest serving justice right now on this court. the president. >> i want to say a few words about the tragedy that took place this week in west virginia, but before i do, i'd first like to comment on the news that justice john paul stevens will retire from the supreme court at the end of its current term. when president ford was faced with a supreme court vacancy shortly after the nation was still recovering from the watergate scandal, he wanted a nominee who w
of west virginia miners. brian todd has taken us through a drill to give us an idea of the latest problems that rescuers are up against. >>> lisa sylvester is monitoring some of the top stories that are coming into "the situation room" right now. good to see you, what are you working on? >> north korea calls president obama's new nuclear policy hostile. posing a thuk clear threat to new york career. president obama pledged to refrain from using nuclear weapons on countries using nonproliferation standards. >>> thailand -- the actions sent soldiers and police in retreat, despite tear gas canisters and water cannons and also of course the government restored a tv channel which had been shut down. protesters as you can see, they have been demonstrating for a new government for the past month. >>> and qatar says its diplomat that conjured up a bomb scare will be sent home but he won't be flying united. when he tried to board a united flight, he was turned away. they said he violated a federal law when he joked about lightsing his shoes on fire. apparently, united not taking hill home. he's not
seeing snow showers all afternoon. that is how colin is there. parts of west virginia and kentucky also have showers. here is our story, a big change from this time yesterday. 56 in fairfax. gaithersburg at 53 degrees. it will be pretty chilly. we will head back to the mid 60's tomorrow. we will look ahead in the next few minutes. >> another setback for rescue crews in west virginia. the hurdles that are facing the search for missing miners. >> [inaudible] >> president obama response to [inaudible] what sarah palin had to say in return. >> how did a cow end up in a trapped in the trance of their shopping routine, some people don't notice the difference between meat and mystery when they enter... ...the frozen zone is it real chicken? or something else? some chicken nuggets and tenders look like they have mystery meat. with my perdue frozen nuggets, there is no mystery. just real all-white meat, made with 100% natural ingredients, no fillers, no preservatives, and a delicious taste your family will love. perdue frozen chicken. all-white meat. no mystery. >> you are watching abc 7 news at
virginia. the worst coal mining disaster in the u.s. in 40 years. overnight search crews found the bodies of four more miners, a total of 29 people were killed. >>> in bangkok, more violent clashes between thai police and government protesters. 15 people were killed today including a cameraman for the reuters news agency. nearly 500 were hurt. protesters had been in the streets for weeks. they want the prime minister to resign. >>> next time you fly on spirit airlines, leave the carry-on at home. all right? or i guess if you're checking it, it wouldn't be carry-on. it could cost you 45 bucks to stow it in the overhead. the discount carrier caused major turbulence this week when it became the first to impose a carry fee -- a carry-on fee which takes effect august 1st. after that, it might cost more to fly your luggage than yourself. what's next? pay toilets? don't laugh. one european airline is planning to do it. don't babies fly free on your laugh. i'll have to ask ben baldanza that, the ceo of spirit airlines. do babies fly free if they're on your lap? >> babies under 2 fly free. >> what
. >>> we start in west virginia where hope is fading but it is still there that rescue crews will be able to get back into the upper big branch mine and find four missing west virginia miners alive. the search teams got the all clear and made a mad bash back inside. yesterday they got within 500 feet but forced to turn back because of dangerous gas levels and fears of possibly another explosion. one of two injured miners who survived has been released by the hospital. the ap reports he's not talking to anyone this morning. give us a sense of how optimistic they are as they get set to go back into the mine and look for the four missing mine re rers. >> reporter: they are still hopeful. keep in mind we're at hour 6 since the fatal blast in naoma, west virginia. these men should have made it by this point to the long wall. section 22, this is this 2,000 foot stretch of wall deep inside this coal mine where the rescue teams believe three of the four missing miners are located and also where they've been honing in on this rescue chamber. as everyone been repeating, if there's any hope of survi
.c. this is washington county, frederick county and maryland. also jefferson and burkely counties and west virginia. there you can see the purple box here. you see a nice little hook echo or indentation. this is a doppler radar-indicated tornado. but you need to take this seriously and seek shelter. there is a severe thunderstorm watch. sometimes even though it's a thunderstorm watch and not a tornado watch, sometimes tornado do occur. now, it is a tornado watch across parts of florida. at this hour we saw one line move through earlier today that produced a little tree damage and some hail in gainesville. that second is coming off the gulf of mexico. we could possibly see this sneak a little further to the south. watch out in the tampa area. you will likely see winds in excess of 60 miles with this storm and possible tornadoes. if we get any warnings, we will bring it along to you. the greatest threat of severe weather stretch as cross the eastern seaboard from pennsylvania stretching down into parts of florida. this is a slight risk day. we are not expecting near the number of or severity that we
. >> let me ask you about sympathetic else and just kind of the tone of politics. virginia governor, new virginia governor, bob mcdonnell, designated april as confederate month, something that his two democratic predecessors had refrained from doing. this caused quite a stir, particularly because the governor did not even mention slavery in this proclamation. was that a mistake? >> well, i don't think so. my state legislature has made a legislatively enacted holiday, confederate memorial day, have done it for years under republican governors, democrat governors, and for seven years as governor, i have issued a proclamation, because of what the legislature's done. my democratic predecessors did so as well. i don't know what you would say about slavery, but anybody that thinks you have to explain to people that slavery is a bad thing, i think goes without saying. >> but the sensitivity of it. because we heard from a number of african-american politicians and just people on the street that were interviewed in virginia going, this is offensive, to celebrate something that really was about sl
michigan coming up. >>> box two, breaking news from west virginia. what they're trying to figure out did remaining miners make it to a safe room. box number 3. he tried to sneak a smoke on a plane then joked about setting his shoes on fire. by the way, he was headed to visit a convicted al qaeda terrorist. some lawmakers want that diplomat to pay for the cost of the security scare. pj crowley joins us on a very busy day on "studio b" unless breaking news changes everything. he's been a supreme court justice since 1975. the oldest, longest serving member justice stevens is retiring. another high stakes political battle to fill his seat. stevens is the leader of the liberal bloc and president obama is certain to dominate another liberal to take his place. when he was put in, the word from ford was he wanted somebody with the best judicial mind and came up with stevens. now president obama wants someone very similar. the president is considering ten people at potential nominees. >> i view the process of selecting a supreme court nominee among my most serious responsibilities at president. w
dashed in west virginia final four unaccounted for miners now found among the dead inside that mine. we'll get a live report on the blast investigation. also efforts to recover -- >> who will make president obama's short list of candidates to replace justice stevens? lines being drawn as members return from spring break. >>> first, republican national committee chairman michael steele addressing the southern republican leadership conference. blasting the democratic leadership for their handling of the nation and finances. urging members of his party to throw them out of office in the upcoming midterm elections. saying watch ton cynicism needs to be replaced by the people's aspirations. carl cameron is live in new orleans. the chairman has been under fire recently. how was his speech received today? >> reporter: pretty well. it want the packed house that some of the more speakers offered. this was not a republican national committee meeting it was the southern republican leadership conference. a gathering of 14 states and 3500 people from aren't south. mr. steele's chairmanship speech wa
, massive intensity does that translate what happened in virginia, massachusetts, new jersey? >> absolutely it does. >> sean: does this intensity hold through november? >> this intensity had better hold through november, yes. [ inaudible ] >> we have an unprecedented opportunity sean to take this country back. you have laid out clearly in your book the way to do that how you can get principled conservative leadership back in washington to change the course of this station and it stars with these folks right here. >> sean: you walked out here tonight and got a massive reception from the crowd here in new orleans. you had a strong defense from newt gingrich. governor palin defended you. some have attacked you. some have gone after you. what is your reaction to that and response? >> i'm trying to do the best i can as national chairman. >> sean: you have three victories under your belt. >> new jersey, massachusetts and virginia. [ cheering ] >> this is the bottom line. i stay focused very much on winning in november. i'm going to work very hard to make sure more republicans, more conservatives
prague later. ed henry, thanks very much. >>> there's fresh heartbreak in west virginia right now where efforts to find four missing miners are suffering a setback. rescue crews were within 500 feet of an airtight emergency chamber where the miners could be waiting for help when they were forced to turn back. cnn's brian todd has been covering this story for us on the ground in west virginia. what's the latest, brian? >> reporter: wolf, no getting around it. as you mentioned, a major setback for the rescue effort today. just a short time ago, rescue teams were pulled out of the upper big branch mine because of dangerous and potentially explosive levels of methane carbon monoxide and hydrogen gas. especially excruciating development because they had gotten so close. the rescuers had gotten into the same general area where they believe the four missing miners are located. you mentioned a moment ago, wolf, they did get within 500 feet of one of those rescue chambers, one of those large boxes that can fit 15 miners in there. they have enough oxygen in there for four days. that's for 15 peop
happened in virginia, massachusetts, new jersey? >> absolutely it does. >> sean: does this intensity hold through november? >> this intensity had better hold through november, yes. [ inaudible ] >> we have an unprecedented opportunity sean to take this country back. you have laid out clearly in your book the way to do that how you can get principled conservative leadership back in washington to change the course of this station and it stars with these folks right here. >> sean: you walked out here tonight and got a massive reception from the crowd here in new orleans. you had a strong defense from newt gingrich. governor palin defended you. some have attacked you. some have gone after you. what is your reaction to that and response? >> i'm trying to do the best i can as national chairman. >> sean: you have three victories under your belt. >> new jersey, massachusetts and virginia. [ cheering ] >> this is the bottom line. i stay focused very much on winning in november. i'm going to work very hard to make sure more republicans, more conservatives get into the senate and then to congress in
overnight, making the explosion in west virginia the deadliest in almost four years. cnn's inez ferrey has the details. >> they were hoping for a miracle. but the sliver of hope is gone. >> none of our miners suffered. so so this journey has ended. now the healing will start. >> the governor says that the families are pulling on all their strength. it'sen an excruciating five days for the families. rescue workers had gone into the mine this weeks, only to be pulled back because of the conditions of the mine, but when all was said and done, the four missing miners were found dead. >> when they reported to the command center, it was very professional, with respect, that's on the outside. on the inside i'm sure it was hurting them more than anyone could imagine. >> reporter: officials say a full investigation will be done now on the worst mining tragedy in the last 40 years. ines ferre, cnn, west virginia. >>> what can they do for an encore now? we're headed to new orleans. enough plastic water bottles to stretch around the earth over 190 times. each brita filter can take up to 300 of those b
to the court was justice sonia sotomayor. >>> hope is running out for four missing miners in west virginia. rescuers reached a rescue chamber inside the upper big branch mine and found no one there, no one inside. the chambers are safe places miners can go in an emergency like the explosion on monday that killed 25 people. there is a second chamber further inside the mine and officials say it is the last chance of finding any of the four missing miners alive. rescuers were trying to reach it when they were forced to turn back. >> we have smoke in all four of those entries, and the smoke is traveling from this side toward the long wall face indicating that we have a fire somewhere. so it was at that time that a decision was made to evacuate the rescuers. >>> meanwhile, funerals will be held today for the four miners kill in monday's explosion. four of the 25. carl acord works in mines for 34 years. the day before the explosion, he told his family he was worried about going to work. and we have learned the company that owns the mine, massey energy, will pay for all of the funerals. >>> the m
teachers in new york display a very questionable sense of humor. hope is about gone in west virginia. in the search for survivor of the terrible mine disaster. >> chris: nuen funerals began today for some of the victims of the mining disaster in west virginia monday and the hope for finding survivors is growing dimmer. correspondent molly henneberg is in montcoal, west virginia. >> reporter: today supporters let the passerbys know they're pulling for four still unaccounted for miners. >> we still hold out hope. we are a brotherhood. we will hold out hope until we prove them wrong. >> for rescue teams, another frustrating day. >> not a lot has gone our way. >> reporter: the first rescue team this morning was turned back by stokes of a fire. and they bore another hole in the mind to drop down a camera and see if the four missing miners could be in the last fe fuge chamber -- refuge chamber but the hole hit a pill lear. >> we could put a jammer in it but there would be nothing to see. >> by mid-afternoon it appeared the air was safe enough for two rescue teams to go back in. as the tigh
to find those missing miners in west virginia. we'll have a live report. ♪ [ woman ] nine iron, it's almost tee-time. time for new zyrtec® liquid gels. they work fast. so i can get relief from the pollen that used to make me sneeze, my eyes water. with new zyrtec® liquid gels, i get allergy relief at liquid speed. that's the fast, powerful relief of zyrtec®, now in a liquid gel. zyrtec® is the fastest 24-hour allergy medicine. it works on my worst symptoms so i'm ready by the time we get to the first hole. new zyrtec® liquid gels work fast, so i can love the air®. does two jobs... at once. one: kills weeds to the root. two: forms a barrier, preventing new ones for up to four months. roundup extended control. >> when we win control of the house and senate this fall, stage one of the end of obamaism will be a new republican congress in january that simply refuses to fund any of the radical efforts. >> time now for mix it up. that was newt gingrich, former speaker of the house giving a speech of what i call the defunded repeal speech in which he says we'll defund the obama agend
, virginia. jane, thank you. >>> two people onboard plane that was traveling from maryland to mississippi were killed when the aircraft went down in eastern kentucky. this was a small plane. it went down in a mountainous area in leslie county. a rescuer took a picture of the plane on his cell phone. faa records list the hawker beach craft 58 and as registered to a company in woodbine, maryland, called island trading. >>> a plane on its way to dulles was diverted today because of a bomb threat. the continental express flight from houston was diverted to greensboro, north carolina, after a bomb threat was written on a mirror in the bathroom. the plane did land safely just before 11:00 this morning and law enforcement was waiting for the plane when it arrived. >>> the family of a paramedic killed when a medical helicopter crashed in prince george's county is now suing the government. the crash happened back on september of 2008. mickic lipy was one of four people killed when their medevac chopper went down in foggy weather in district heights. one person survived. but has had more than 20 su
wants to reverse a ban on offshore drilling. areas off the coast of maryland and virginia could be included. speaking at andrews air force base, the president said the decision is part of a new energy strategy signed to reduce our imports of foreign oil. fox 5's tom fitzgerald has more on the drilling decision. >> reporter: at andrews air force base in prince george's county, maryland, president obama staking out a new claim on energy independence. >> so today, we are announcing the expansion of offshore oil and gags exploration. >> reporter: the president's plan includes opening up east coast offshore areas that have be off limits to drilling including virginia and maryland. >> drilling alone can't come close to meeting our long-term energy needs. and if the sake of our planet and our energy independence, we need to begin the transition to cleaner fuels now. >> reporter: it is a change of policy that moves the president closer to the position of drilling advocates. >> part of that vision is coming true today. >> reporter: virginia governor bob mcdonnell, whose state boasts 112
hear them in our report. you decide. and the latest from the mine disaster in west virginia, rescue crews are back inside the mine and searching for survivors. a waffle iron? nooo. i could have saved this one. ♪ call 1-800-steemer [ male announcer ] millions of men 45 and older just don't feel like they used to. are you one of them? remember when you had more energy for 18 holes with your buddies? [ glass shatters ] more passion for the one you love? more fun with your family and friends? could be an easily treatable condition called low t. ♪ c'mon, stop living in the shadows. you've got a life to live. [ male announcer ] so don't blame it on aging. go to to find out more. there are engines... and then there's the twin-turbocharging, 365-horsepower-generating, ecoboost engine in the taurus sho from ford. that has the thirst of a v6 with the thrust of a v8. the most innovative full- size sedan in america: the taurus sho, from ford. drive one. >> we're waiting for word from the rescue crews inside the mine in west virginia searching for four missing workers, the only
the update. >>> a fire in a west virginia coal mine and threat of another explosion forced rescuers to turn back for a third time this morning. with time and options running out, officials say they'll use a camera to see if anyone survived the blast on monday. >> the big decision, a very decision, was to pull the rescue teams out and not put them in harm's way based on that smoke we saw in the four entries that was moving toward where the long wall face from head gate 22. >> in the wake of the tragedy, president obama's calling for a safety review of all u.s. mines to be on his desk by next week. the accident has put a national spotlight on mine owner, massey energy, and don blankenship. he's a fierce defender of the industry and a lightening rod for critics. meantime, family members claim the company's too aloof and didn't reach out to them or keep them updated on the search for the missing miners. here's his response. >> i'm sort of introverted by nature, so i'm not good at communicating. i'm willing to be there and respond to questions, but we have better communicators than i am. >> whil
-quarter mile. but it's mostly in the rural areas of maryland and virginia where the visibilities are down to near zero to a quarter of a mile. right now, the temperatures are in the low 50s and 40s in the shenandoah valley, 40 there, 52 in washington. and the last of that rain from yesterday is now pulling off the coast. we have a clear sky over the fog and after the fog dissipates by midmorning, we'll have lots of sunshine and afternoon highs should climb into the low 70s. s there just a slight chance of an isolated thundershower later on or a shower this afternoon, only a small chance. tomorrow, mostly sunny in the morning, a few clouds in the afternoon. saturday and sunday rain is possible. jerry, good morning. how's the thursday traffic. >> good. morning to you, obviously. as mentioned, the fog is going to be an issue. as we head on out, take a live look at this is the approach to the american legion bridge. let's go over to virginia and see how we're doing over there. a changeable situation, some areas not experiencing any fog, others socked in this morning. we'll keep you updated. t
stupak. going to be going back to the mine site in west virginia. four miners still down there somewhere. still unaccounted for. rescuers now have had another setback. they have had to retreat for their own safety. also, a story a lot of people talking about yesterday. tiger woods. what he did yesterday was really reminded everybody why he got famous in the first place. long before he was ever emfa miss by playing golf and playing it well. he is taming the masters. you have been there before on a plane in a theater and there is a kid behind you kicking the back of your seat. what do you do? we will tell you what one woman did and why she is now possibly facing some charges. >>> the news, bart stupak is saying he will not seek re-election. it is no you law. for some, it is a liability. they would say as well. this is a seat democrats were hoping to hold on to. now, many are thinking it might be in jeopardy now that bart stupak, who again, a lot of people would give him a whole lot of credit for allowing that health care to pass after he made a deal in allowing that particular executive or
're expected -- expecting him to talk about justice stevens, as well as the mine disaster in west virginia. four miners are still unaccounted for. rescuers are suffering setback after setback. we'll go to west virginia and bring you the latest. >>> also, thousands of republicans gathering in new orleans right now and potential presidential candidates are testing the waters. we'll hear from one of them, sarah palin, live this hour. >>> let's get right to our developing story. major change happening in the highest court in the land. justice john paul stevens is retiring this summer. he's the oldst member of the current court serving 34 years. here's a breakdown of the way the court looks right now. on the left, the political left, i'm talking about, you've got stevens topping the list. then budge ginsburg. he's least considered the leader of the liberal block. you've still got ruth bader ginsburg and sonia sotomayor. on on this any kennedy is in the middle. swing vote but often also been thought to have looked to john paul stevens for influence on how he thinks about judgments. on the right,
unaccounted miners for in west virginia but crews have, in fact, confirmed that the last four, in fact, are dead. they have found bodies. that means now that 29 people died in monday's explosion that the west virginia mine. worse mining disaster in this country in almost 40 years now o. officials say the miners never made it to the safety chamber that is had food and oxygen. >>> more members of congress watching their backs. lawmakers reported 42 incidents of reports in the first three months of this year, that's nearly three times the 15 cases that were reported during the same time period last year. some of those threats were connected to the hard-fought battle over health care reform. >>> a plane carrying 132 people including poland's president and first lady has crashed in rush yeah. russian official says there are no survivors. a spokesman for poland's foreign ministry said the plane was approaching a airport and appears to have hit a row of trees. >>> want to turn back to the story keeping an eye on all week out of west virginia. the explosion that happened there and people holdi
. >>> families of the men who died in an explosion at a west virginia coal mine are saying goodbye to them. four funerals were held on friday. more are being held this weekend. still more in the coming week. altogether, 29 men died in the blast at the upper big branch mine last monday. initially, the community held out hope that four missing men were still alive somewhere in the mine. but those hopes ended friday night when rescuers found the bodies of the men. >> what i saw up until the absolute very end was a very heavy-heart community that was holding on to a very fragile thread of hope. and when that hope snapped with one sentence from the mine officials, it was the most painful, excruciating thing you could possibly see. >> so devastating for that community. the explosion was the worst mine disaster in the u.s. since the 1970s. >>> tomorrow is day one of a two-day nuclear summit president obama is hosting in the nation's capitol. he will try to convince the 47 countries participating to secure their nuclear material within four years. the u.s. and russia have more than 20,000 nuclear weapon
. the latest on the mine accident in west virginia and the search for survivors. >> brown: and i'm jeffrey brown. on the "newshour" tonight: family members cling to what the state's governor called "a sliver of hope." we'll talk to frank langfitt of national public radio on the scene. >> lehrer: then, gwen ifill reports on the political turmoil in the former soviet republic of kyrgyztan-- site of a u.s. air base that supplies troops in afghanistan. >> brown: we debate a court decision that could limit future regulation of the internet. >> lehrer: we have updates on two school systems: john merrow reports on alternatives for troubled teens in new orleans. >> i've got 16-year-old seventh graders and 17-year-old eighth graders and 18-year-old ninth graders who are reading at the third or fourth grade reading level. those are tremendous challenges. >> a lot of them put up walls. >> brown: and we look at washington d.c, where the schools chief struck a deal with the teachers union. >> lehrer: and, fred de sam lazaro tells a good news story about an effort championed by former president carter t
week they opened virginia's coastal areas for off shore drilling that mostly is delayed until 2012. you know the environmentalists who had more time to switch, they are so concerned about the world's vierntment they would rather see other countries develop more resources than develop their regulations. they would rather see the other countries develop. this gives them more time to sue. meanwhile the northeast atlantic coast is closed, alaska's oversees, the next priewdo bay is canceled, drilling along the pacific coast with 10 million barrels of oil >> now we are going to study -- more study of the south atlantic and parts of the gulf of mexico, areas that have been studied to death. apparent lit interior department reviewed 50 studies and decided the government needs more studies to collect dust on the shelf. as a governor and oil and gas commissioner and care of the nation's interstate compact commission, i have seen so many studies. let's send the white house this message. we can save taxpayer time, save money and announce there is oil and gas down there and we can produce it safely.
important to you, the president read a letter from one of the miners who died in west virginia, urging his girlfriend to take care of their baby if something happened to him. we spent a lot of time on the week of the safety problems upper big branch mine. if you listen to the president today and other politicians in past 24 hours or so, it is clear they realize now that the laws and the agencies designed to protect workers in one of our most dangerous industries failed here. the odds of a mir dmmiracle in virginia are dwindling. our october gation to follow the accountability trail is just beginning. >>> we're awaiting word on latest attempt to locate the four miners una-accounted for in raleigh county, west virginia. rescue teams trying to reach a second refuge chamber to see if the four were able to take cover. those teams reached one of the specifically equipped chambers earlier but found it empty. and then were forced to pull back because of smoke and toxic gases. 25 miners are confirmed dead. funerals for four of them were held today. at the white house, president obama said recent im
up in politics. new virginia governor bob mcdonald designated april as confederate month, something his two democratic predecessors refrained from doing particularly because the governor did not mention slavery in this proclamation. is that a mistake? >> i don't think so. my state legislature has made an lems lateively inactive holiday, memorial day. did it for years under republican governors, democrat governors, for seven years as governor, i issued a proclamation because of what the legislature had done. i don't know what you would say about slavery, but anybody who think i don't say you have to explain slavery is a bad thing goes without saying. >> the sensitivity of it. we heard from a number of african-american politicians and people on the street people interviewed in virginia saying this is offensive to celebrate something that really was about slavery and have no mention of it. what do you do in your state? >> maybe they should talk about democratic legislature that does the same thing in mississippi for years. and as far as i know, the democratic legislature, you have a ma
the worst coal nine disaster since 1970. we go to molly, live at the scene in west virginia. >> reporter: as the governor said, quote, we did not get the miracle we wanted. he came in and told the media just a few minutes ago, those four unaccounted for miners have been beinged for. they are dead, along with the other 25 inside the mine. they were trying to get to that last refuge chamber, the last place they could have been and still been alive. they made it there today after four tries, but the chamber had not been deployed and they found the four bodies in an area that rescuers had gone by previously, but because of the conditions and the low visibility, they hadn't seen these bodies. now they have accounted for all 25 and now as the governor said, the healing can begin for the families who have waited anxiously since monday afternoon, for word of what had happened to their loved ones inside the mine. >> tragic news for the families, molly. we heard from a federal mine safety official. he said there will be a thorough investigation, both at the state and federal level. what can you te
. >>> families of the men who died in an explosion at a west virginia coal mine are saying good-bye. four funerals were held friday. more are held this weekend. still more in the coming weeks. 29 men died in the blast at the upper big mine branch last monday. the community held out hope the four missing men were still alive somewhere in that mine, but those hopes did end friday night when rescuers found the men's bodies. >> what i saw up until the absolute very end was a very heavy-hearted community holding on to a very fragile thread of hope. and when that hope snapped with one sentence from the mine officials, it was the most painful excruciating thing you could possibly see. >> the explosion was the worst mine disaster in the u.s. since the 1970s. >>> president obama has a very urgent message for 47 countries taking part in a two-day conference. make sure your nuclear material is secure. keep it out of hands of terrorists. he's hosting a two-day nuclear summit in washington tomorrow comes a couple days after the u.s. warned al qaeda is trying to get an atomic bomb. the u.s. and russia
this morning, thank you. >> other news now. another setback today in west virginia at the site that have deadly mine explosion. rescue teams had to be pulled out of the upper big brank mine for a third time in morning after discovering signs of smoke and fire. brian mooar is in west virginia this morning. everybody is talking about hope. the rescue workers are saying it's still a rescue but this cannot be good news for them. >> absolutely not, savannah. the last thin ray of hope they had dimmed significantly this morning. you could really see it on the face of governor joe manchin as he announce that had rescue workers were retreating for the third time since monday, that they were being chased out this time by smoke and the possibility of a buildup of explosive gases. they really had one last place to check. they checked one of these rescue chambers, found out it was not deployed and had one more to check and were making progress toward it when they had to finally turn back around. at this point, they are out of the mine trying to pump in nitrogen gas to bring that combustible atmosphere back
the west virginia miners. a number more to come over the next week. >>> a ceremony offering the late president of polan is going on right u president lec lech kaczynski. >> the polish people are pausing for two minutes of silence as well. poland's first lady and several other government and military leaders died in the crash. nick robertson is there with more on the crash investigation. >> i'm about half a mile from the runway here in this direction through the trees here. a look down here. debris twisted and torn apart. up here across the road, take a look. this is the direction the plane was coming in over this way. this is where it begins to hit the top os it have krees again. you begin to see all the the pieces of broken wood as the plane comes down. already some flowers being laid here. already people reported picking through it. but, again just follow me up here. and you begin to see the scale and the force with which the plane hit the trees. some of the most influential people were on the plane. the first lady was traveling with her husband, maria kaczynska. the deputy foreign
be slow in virginia. metro is single tracking between reagan national airport and crystal city because of a derailment. >> a maintenance vehicle was on the tracks when a wheel came off. the wheel has gotten back on but metro is checking the track to make sure there is no interruption. let's get the latest in traffic from julie wright. >>> busy ride in virginia. if you are on the inner loop to springfield, ahead of you is the accident ving a tractor- trailer and pick up. traffic is able to squeeze by single file to the right. but already the delays on this inner loop are forming back at the wilson bridge out of maryland. out of oxon hill, slow toward eisenhower where again only one right lane is open toward the springfield interchange. on the outer loop, there are rubbernecking delays. and again with the sunshine delay it is very jammed up as you continue from springfield over toward eisenhower avenue. past the accident scene, the pace improves back toward maryland. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. >>> back now to one of our big stories. president hitting the road again to
of the mining tragedy in west virginia, but now we expect of course we will hear from him in some form or fashion, or perhaps a favor statement, or what have you, on this subject as well. we do have the regs nation -- resignation letter that just stevens submitted to the president, it begins my dear mr. president, having concluded it would be in the best interest of the court to have my successor appointed and confirmed well in advance of the commencement of the court's next term, i shall retire from active service as an associate justice, effective the next day after the court rises for the summer recess this year, most respectfully yours, john paul stevens. of course this is not a tremendous surprise, jon. justice stevens had been hinting he was considering retirement, he had hired one law clerk where traditionally a justice who plans to stay on for the next term would hire four, former justices are entitled to one law clerk, so it all seems to -- seemed to come together. of course, justice was appointed in 1975, nominate i by president gerald ford, a republican, yet justice stevens
of congress to do that. now may be the time. david kerley, abc news, montcoal, west virginia. >>> leaders from arrived the world have arrived in washington for today's summit on nuclear security hosted by the president. the goal is to secure all vulnerable nuclear materials within four years. it's a goal intelligence experts say may be unrealistic but necessary. >> time is not on our side. as long as you have terrorist groups and others with the intent, and not just groups. iran, north korea, other states. the world's got to treat the nuclear threats that we face with a much greater sense of urgency than we have in the last few years. >> in addition to attending the summit, president obama will host one on one meetings today with china's president, jordan's king, and the leaders of malaysia, ukraine and armenia. >>> teens and young women who regularly drink alcohol have a higher risk of benign breast disease in their 20s which is a leading risk factor for breast cancer. that's according to a study of 9,000 young women published this morning. those who reported drinking at least six days a week
virginia for that memorial service for those dead west virginia miners, police started questioning and secret service started questioning a man by the name of joseph sean mcvey. he was sitting in his car and when he got out of the car, he was listening to radio scanners on a transistor radio and had a sidearm on him. he said he wanted to meet the president, wanted to speak to him. they decided after questioning him to arrest him since he was armed and was in a police car. his driver's license turned out to be invalid, his ohio driver's license. and also in the car, they found formulas for a rifle scope, which are used to measure distances. he makes his first court appearance today in north carolina and he is being held on $100,000 bond. secret service and other law enforcement officials say the president was never in danger and these things do happen sometimes where you have some suspect, unsavory individuals hanging around where the president is going, but they say he was not in danger. natalie? >> chuck todd for us at the white house. thank you, chuck. after leaving asheville, th
." and the president is returning to the white house shortly in just a few minutes to speak on the west virginia mine tragedy and retirement. the latest on the president's upcoming nuclear summit from madeleine albright and bart stupak will be retiring from congress. is that a victory from sarah palin and the tea partiers? palin speaking live in new orleans a half hour from now. with their take on the republican leadership in the big easy, we'll have right here, bob shrum and patrick buchanan. >>> justice stevens announced his retirement in a letter to president obama. chief justice john roberts issued a statement saying that stevens quote, has enriched the lives of everyone at the court through his intellect, independence and warm grace. so, what kind of person will the president be choosing as his successor? joining me now, pete williams and savannah guthrie. we're beginning to hear marine one coming back to the south lawn from andrews air force base. first, to you, pete, we expected this announcement, but it is still a very big deal. this is the longest serving justice on the supreme court and lea
survived and that they might be alive underground. today, the sad truth from the coal mine in west virginia. we'll have that story for you. >>> plus, it's time to rethink the word "intern." they're not just high school or college students hungry for experience and to work for free who just want their feet in the door. these days adults are doing it, too. older americans. >>> let me give you some of your headlines this hour. a shooting inside a shopping mall in oklahoma this afternoon. the associated press is reporting that four people have been taken to a hospital. no word on any deaths. shoppers inside the mall said they heard four or five shots. no word on a suspect or a motive in that shooting. we'll update you. >>> in west virginia, searchers found the bodies of those four missing miners overnight. a total of 29 people lost their lives in the explosion at the upper big branch mine. it is the worst u.s. mine disaster since 1970. president barack obama has sent condolences to the families and promises a thorough investigation. >>> that is the scene in bangkok, more violent clasheses betwe
ignites a terrorism scare in the skies. set-back for rescue crew at the site of the west virginia mine disaster. the u.s. and russia sign a major arms treaty. much of the talk is about another country. live from our studio in washington, this is "special report." good evening, i'm chris wallace in for bret baier. diplomat from qatar is a free man tonight after allegedly inciting a major security incident aboard an airliner bound for denver. national correspondent catherine herridge is here with a story that has been developing all day. good evening. >> reporter: thank you, chris. sources tell fox news they believe the young diplomat who sparked a major security alert last night was on his way to visit a convicted al-qaeda agent doing time in colorado. this is consistent with the statement from the qatar embassy in washington, that the diplomat was on official business, the kind of business embassies arrange for their citizens jailed in foreign countries. the convicted al-qaeda member is amari, a citizen of qatar who pleaded guilty to providi providing material to terrorist organization
by two weeks off. >>> a day after a joint meeting with goff no, sir from maryland and virginia, along with dc's mayor to highlight metro's safety. a house panel conducted hearings on how to fix the system. suray joins us with more. >> reporter: lawmakers today call metro a dysfunctional system. harsh words for the transit agency as an audit reveals 21 recommendations. it says that communication and safety are not part of the metro culture. >> it's a dysfunctional system, isn't it? >> lawmakers try to get to the bottom of problems, lack of safety, communication top the list. >> it seems like the right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing. >> and the administrator agrees. >> that communication problem is not limited to the safety problem. there are other right hands and left hands. >> the administrator suggests a complete overhaul. >> people all up and down the  chain want to avoid hostility and not work as a team, maybe they should go find their new team somewhere else and bring in people prepared to work as a team to focus on the problem. >> do you realize what a sa
that democrats chances of winning the states they won last time, surprise states, north carolina, virginia, how did they do in florida eventually? three states. they have a southern strategy. i was talking to dan rather this weekend. he thinks there's a southern strategy afoot in the republican party. they're going to begin their campaign for 2012 by locking up the solid south again on the right. >> first thing declare confederate heritage month. >> don't mention slavery when do you it. >> all part of this is effort to just solidify the south as your beginning block to bring down obama. take away florida. take away north carolina. take away virginia. move north. >> uh-huh. >> that's been the republican strategy for a generation. it began with this group, by the way, that first met in 1969. the southern republican leadership conference. that's really where it began with a guy named clark read, a mississippian who is still there and very enthusiastic, by the way, about the republicans' chances this year. >> he's still there? >> very much so. >> a young party. they seem to be the heart of the repu
, and the losses she endured in just one week, josh's mother pam simply said, it is just west virginia. when something bad happens, we come together. when something bad happens, we come together. through tragedy and heartache, that's the spirit that has sustained this community and this country for over 200 years. and as we pray for the souls of those that we've lost and the safe return of those who are missing, we're also sustained by the words of the psalm that are particularly poignant right now. those words read, you, o, lord, keep my lamp burning. my god turns my darkness into light. thank you very much. >> president obama has asked for a preliminary report on what went wrong at the upper big branch mine, and why next week. meanwhile, rescue workers are on the fourth attempt to find missing miners from the deadly blast. officials just concluded a news conference saying they were optimistic saying they will know the fate of the four miners who remain missing by midnight tonight. early this morning rescue teams were forced to retreat from the mine because they encountered smoke from what
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